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To Be Frugal 3 Steps for a Start

December 14th, 2010 at 01:14 am

Even if Christmas means that more money is spent than saved, it is in everyone's mind that the end of the Christmas season and the start of the new year, will mean savings.
Adopting a frugal lifestyle should help you to spend less and therefore save more money. Being more frugal does require a little bit of efforts and practice, but the results are worth it.

Think Long Term
With less time and more things to do, it is often difficult to take the time to think about the long term impact of your purchase, however a little bit of thinking can help you save money. When you buy something, it is important to consider the long term costs of owning the item. Although you do not have to pay for these extra costs at purchase, you will have to do it through the life cycle of the product. For example the initial cost of a car is the car itself, but you will then have to buy insurance, petrol and pay for possible parts and repairs. The sum of these costs will put pressure on your budget, so it is important to consider them at the start.

Budget for Your Peace of Mind
When it comes to changing your spending habts, a budget will be your best friend. A well-made budget will help you to have all the information you need before making a purchase. Whether you are wondering if you have enough money to buy a plasma screen tv or whether you can afford to change your car, a budget will help you to answer these questions. To be useful, your budget will need to be realistic and take into account all costs. At the start, you won't need fancy budgeting sofware, a spread sheet will be enough.

Take it Easy
Changing your spending habits can be hard. If you are changing all your habits at the same time, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed. Big life changes are sources of stress, so it is probably better to start with small changes than can be managed easily. Adopting a progressive approach will ensure a smooth transition. On regular basis, you can review your changes, measure your results and add new challenges

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  1. ChristineWithRegence Says:

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