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4 Personal Finance Mentors

December 22nd, 2010 at 07:57 am

When you choose to take control of your finance, you might find useful to have mentors, you can refer to. A mentor can be a great source of information and advice.

Choosing your mentor really depend on your personality and goals:

1) Warren Buffet
Warren Buffet is one of the most wealthy people on the planet. Buffet is a wise investor, who have made significant profits buying and selling shares.
Buffet is also an highly frugal individual, who spend his money wisely

2) Mr Burns from The Simpsons
It can be hard to consider Mr Burns as a personal finance mentor, but he can often personal finance tips. Obviously his tips can be extreme and will require interpretation.

3) Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu is not officially a personal finance mentor, but his writting have a lot of finance applications. If you read The Art of War, you will notice that many sayings are actually real source of personal finance wisdom.

4) Your Grand Parents
Older generations are often underestimated personal finance experts. Senoiors have live in different times and learnt to live on little. Listen and watching your grand parents' lifestyle can teach you a lot.

1 Responses to “4 Personal Finance Mentors”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Very intriguing selections. I think I would skip my grandparents, who were not very frugal, but the others lead me to some intriguing considerations. Mr. Burns just makes me laugh, and I think that there are applications for Sun Tzu in sports, finance, business/insurance, and a ton of other areas. Great conversation points, here.

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