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Cutting your Expenses: The Guerilla Way

December 29th, 2010 at 07:27 am

Want to get rid of those tons of bills you are receiving monthly?

A lot of people spend more than what they earn and end up in debt. Why become one of them if you can do something to reduce your expenses. I know itís a big challenge for people who love to go shopping and outspend their income monthly, but have you ever thought how much you could an save if you trimmed down some unnecessary expenses?
Here, let me give you some ways that can help you cut down some of your expenses while still having fun:

Internet Provider.
Try to look for a much cheaper provider, if you are using the internet just for research and documentation you donít need a super-fast connection, get an internet speed that is appropriate for your needs. It may not be a lot, but it can really help you reduce your bills.

Energy & Water.
This kind of bills are carved in stone, the only way we can reduce this is by using less, itís something hard at first but if you just pay attention to the basics you can save a lot.
Let me give you some pointers here, take a look at those lights left on, appliances that are not plugged off, say a television that is turned off but not plugged off still consumes a little bit of electricity, so make it a habit to plugged it off after using any of those appliances that you have.
Watch out for that water left running, this can really cut cost and help you revive your budget. Just observe and make a record of your previous bills and compare, try to experiment and look for better ways to revive your budget. You will see a drastic improvement and Iím pretty sure of that.

Give this a try, see how long you can go just by eating the food in your house, Iíve tried this one for myself and I lasted for a month or so. It is also wise to lessen eating out of the restaurant, you will be surprise how much money you can save just by lessening your cravings for your favorite restaurants. Coupons and discounts are also valuable ways to save money on food.

Haircuts, manicures, clothes shopping, groceries etcÖ These are the first thing you should take consideration when cutting your cost, cause these are the most typical source of overspending.
A newspaper or magazine subscription is not a necessity so you can cut it off easily. Switching brands can be a good cost cutting measure, make a switch on a much cheaper brand, but do not compromise quality, if you will just look harder there are lots you can find on.

Iím not saying that the road to cut cost is easy, actually itís going to be a rough road to get into, but itís worth all your effort.

2 Responses to “Cutting your Expenses: The Guerilla Way”

  1. Jerry Says:

    The two of the last three times my wife and I called around to try to beat our insurance rates, we were able to match coverage and save quite a bit at the same time. Also, ask for special rates for your circumstances (veteran, AAA member, alumni association, etc.) and it can lead to extra savings. Good luck!

  2. Jerry Says:

    The two of the last three times my wife and I called around to try to beat our insurance rates, we were able to match coverage and save quite a bit at the same time.

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